CrossFit Henderson is a family-friendly environment but we also realize that some members prefer classes with a sharper focus.  Our adult classes are high-intensity and incorporate constantly varied functional movement providing our members with maximum benefit from each WOD (workout of the day).

We pride ourselves in operating a box that is welcoming, positive and just plain fun – yes, Crossfit CAN be fun!  Our head coach, Mike Springer, develops each new program and coordinates each WOD with a goal to keep our classes dynamic and interesting.  You will never experience the same workout twice!  Classes are approximately 50 minutes and include a dynamic warm-up, a skill practice exercise and a WOD.

If someone were to ask us what makes CrossFit Henderson stand out from the rest of the boxes in Las Vegas, we would say – hands down – our members!  We are supportive of one another and encourage each other to push ourselves just a little farther than the day before.  We celebrate the big and little victories accomplished each day and with workouts that can be modified for every age and fitness level, everyone can enjoy a feeling of accomplishment and success with each WOD.

Crossfit has a reputation for being tough and sometimes unforgiving.  This is not our mantra.  Anyone and everyone who wants to make a change for the better and has the desire to empower themselves to improve both mind and body is welcome at our box.  Whether you are taking that first tentative step or you are a Master of the Burpee, CrossFit Henderson is here to help you reach your fitness goals with a personal approach and an atmosphere of support and positive energy.