CrossFit Kids

Examples of Workout of the Day for our CrossFit Kids classes: Example WOD: Deck of Cards

*only use 1-9, stay in the same order of exercises.


Jumping ring pullups

Box jumps

Game of the Day: Bounce shot races with tennis balls + tires

Example WOD:

5 rounds

10 walking lunges

10 pullups

Game of the Day: Medicine ballmusical chairs

Example WOD:

AMRAP 10 min

2 pullups

10 yards bear crawl

4 pushups

10 yard bear crawl

6 squats

10 yard bear crawl

Game of the Day: Dice ’em up 3 rounds



Example WOD:

Rest 1 minute between exercises.

25 squats

20 pushups

15 box jumps

10 burpees

5 handstand pushups

Game of the Day: Basketball squats